dev helper script

I get a No such file or directory error when running the dev script

Check your terminal working directory is within the cs-unplugged directory, the root directory of the project. Running the ls command in this directory should list the dev file.

I have an error when running ./dev start

If you are having issues running the start command, try rebuilding the system images with ./dev build. Changes may be have been made to the system images since you initally created them.

If this still doesn’t solve your problem, you could also try deleting any existing images with ./dev wipe, and then build and start the system with ./dev start.

If issue still persists, log a bug on our issue tracker.

Viewing website

Images are not displayed when I view the website

Firstly check the image is located in the staticfiles/ directory. If the image isn’t located within the directory, check the original image is located within the static directory.

Normal Images (not Scratch block images)

If the image is located within the static/ directory, check the filepath is correct. When running ./dev update, the script will report an error if an image cannot be found.

Scratch block images

Check the .txt files located within the temp/ directory for a file containing the Scratch block syntax for the image missing (project wide find & replace is your friend here).

If you can find the file with the same block syntax and there isn’t a image in the staticfiles/ directory with the same filename (.svg instead of .txt), try running ./dev update. If this doesn’t fix the problem, the problem is in our scripts so log a bug on our issue tracker.

If you can’t find a file within the temp/ directory, check the syntax used in the text is valid. If the syntax is valid, the problem is in our Markdown to HTML converter to log a bug on our issue tracker.

Changed CSS/SCSS styles are not updated when I view the website

Firstly check the compiled CSS is located in the staticfiles/ directory, and that the changes have appeared in the compiled CSS file. If the CSS file does not include the changes made, run ./dev static. If you are editing SCSS files, check the ./dev static command isn’t reporting SCSS compilation errors.

The website isn’t displaying when I open cs-unplugged.localhost in a browser

Check you have run the ./dev start command, and that it hasn’t reported any errors.