Website Design (HTML templates/CSS)

This page covers the HTML templates and CSS styling used for the CS Unplugged website.


The current design of the website is a work in progress.

Expect everything to change.

In summary:

  • We plan to use Bootstrap 4 for the underlying framework for responsive design.

  • We use SCSS for style sheets where possible.

  • We wrap translatable strings in {% trans %} or {% blocktrans trimmed %} tags.

  • We use the django-bootstrap-breadcrumbs package for breadcrumbs on the website.

    • This requires templates to inherit from the template one level up on the breadcrumb track in order for breadcrumbs to be calculated correctly.

    • This also requires specific objects in the context to be named the same as parents in the breadcrumb chain. For example: the associated topic is always saved in the template context as topic.

    • For complete examples of the breadcrumb package being used, look at the templates for the topics application.

Setting Custom Converter Templates

We use Verto to convert Markdown files to HTML. To override a default Verto template, add a new HTML file to utils/custom_converter_templates/<processor-name>.html.

The template file name must correspond to the name of a processor in Verto (for example: image.html, or the name of a supporting template specified in Verto documentation (for example: relative-image-link.html). A list of the available processors is available in the Verto Documentation.